Wednesday, August 29, 2012

      The past week has been full of great additions to our adventure. As we came into Greenville, MS we were passed by a north bound ski boat holding about 6 gentleman, but something seemed different about these guys. Instead of just the average waves we usually receive, this time we were welcomed with peace signs and whirly birds. Stevie and I looked at each other and thought, "Those  guys would probably be fun to meet up with."  We continued as usually though, en route to Greenville in search of a grocery store. About 2 hours later the same boat was headed back south and were headed our way. They pulled up and right away offered us a cold beer and immediately started asking questions. After talking to us for a bit, they brought up The River Jam, the annual event they put on that includes a live band, lots of adult beverages, and good people.
        After a bit of convincing and a few more cold ones, we decided it was the weekend and we could take a day off to enjoy this once in a lifetime party. The bright idea came up to load the canoe directly into their ski boat to speed up the process, so Stevie and I jumped in, had a bucket birgade to load the gear, then lifted the canoe into the boat. We were off, up the channel leading to the Greenville Yacht Club at around 47 mph. We were cruising and in good spirits. We arrived at the marina and tied the canoe up to Jimmy's pontoon and were told we could set up camp on another buddy's pontoon that would provide us a bit of shelter from the rain forecasted for the evening.
        The guys wanted to go back out and do a little more boating, so we set up our tents and relaxed a bit. A few hours later our new friends came back and gave us a ride to a local grocery store so we could stock up on things and then dropped us back off at the marina for the evening. The plan was for them to arrive back at the marina around 10 a.m. and we would load up all of our gear, the canoe, the band, their instruments, equipment, and a few of the families.
       We were very glad to meet the guys that day, they seemed extremely nice and you could tell they genuinely wanted us to be their guests at the party. Not to mention it was an exellent way to spread the PE awareness and to let people know about our FB page so that they could join our trip. One of the greatest things about the trip has been meeting awesome people that are extremely generous and are willing to help us with anything.
       The River Jam was awesome! We had an excellent time, meeting tons of great people, spreading the word of our trip, relaxing with cold beverages, and listening to some great music. We both want to come back next year for the 4th annual event! In the middle of it, a quick half hour storm blew through, but nothing that we hadn't already seen or couldn't handle.
        Everyone we met was super nice and made us feel extremely welcome. The guy's in the boat became our friends, people we plan to revisit later in life. We are so glad we met them and were able to experience such a great time. This trip has proven to us that there are a lot of good people left in this world and are willing to help us out anyway they can.
       I'm currently sitting at the house of one of the guy's we met about to have dinner. We are waiting out Hurricane Isaac and were plucked out of the river by Terry Etheridge. I will update one of these days all about our experience waiting out Isaac. It's been filled with all sorts of great people.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are currently in Memphis, TN, staying in the care of John and Lynn Huggins. We met them through an old Clintonville resident that now resides in Memphis, Nancy and Arnold Roberts. Nancy had heard of our story after the article published in the Clintonville Chronicle, which she receives down in Memphis. I received an email shortly after letting us know we had a place to stay upon arrival, sadly they were vacationing back to the Clintonville area, August 17, a day after our arrival. Luckily her good friends, the Huggins, opened their house to us and brought us out for BBQ ribs, breakfast, and showed us the city. We've had an amazing time and have been treated like royalty. Couldn't have asked for nicer people, so glad we got to meet the Huggins, and wish we wouldn't have missed the Roberts.

Next stop Mississippi, after a delicious breakfast and grocery shopping of course.