I want to thank everyone who has donated to this cause. I'm extremely happy to help spread awareness for PE and to be able to contribute to the research taking place to learn more about this dangerous killer.

Ashey Liebhauser
Randy and Cindy Sweet
Randy and Jill Bricco
Gib and Jan Johnson
Tansy Sweet
Tiffany McLaughlin
Mandy McLaughlin
Steve Carpenter
Helen and Allen Roberts
Timothy Windingstad
Erin Shepard
Morris and Jean Kuchenbecker
Alexa Schultz
Justin Sweet
Dan Olson
Bonnie and Sod Soldner
Mark and Wendy Pringnitz
Coworkers at O2 Gear Shop
Callie Ziereis
Tim and Cindi Sweet
Ryan Bettin
Sarah Frassetto
The Nauti Hawg
Emily Schley

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