How to Donate

Finally finished speaking with Mary over at the Mayo Clinic regarding how to go about collecting donations. I have a few options for everyone interested. 100% of everything raised will go to the Mayo Clinic for research and it can be tax deductible ( I will email you or snail mail you the tax forms on donations of $100 or more).

Feel free to donate anything from $1.00 - $1,000. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

As far as making donations goes, this is how they can be done. I would prefer to only receive checks, for ease of keeping track of things and the paper trail.

1. A personal check made out to Mayo Clinic - Department of Development. I also have a donation form from the clinic for you to fill out electronically or it can be printed, You can then either email it back to me, or you can print it off and include it with the check to the following address:

Camden Sweet
1515 East Tracy Street
Appleton, WI 54915

I will then hang on to the checks and send them to the Mayo Clinic just prior to leaving for the trip. This will allow for ease in keeping a tally of how much as been raised.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. I will reply in a very timely fashion.

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