Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally, I have a bit of an update regarding the transportation that will be used for the trip. Stevie has been hard at work learning the trait of cedar strip canoe building.

Cedar strip canoes are really pieces of art. They allow the carpenter to add their own personal touch, everything from varying the color of the strips, to the intricate weave pattern that goes into the seat. Hours and hours of time are spent to create these 16' masterpieces, but the final product and feeling of accomplishment doesn't come from buying your every day canoe.

The learning process has reached it's completion and it's time for our build to get under way. Stevie, Turd (the mentor), and I deemed it necessary to use a tree from the great outdoors. We really decided to go the reuse, reduce, recycle route upon searching for the perfect canoe candidate, and chose a tree that was downed due to natural causes.

The tree is currently waiting to be milled. Plans for that are set to ensue next week, now that the "learning process" has reached completion. We are excited to begin this portion of the grand adventure. To build something we will be relying on for 2.5 months, that will carry us through the heart of America, over 2,500 miles of river isn't your every day task.

Are we ready you ask? Good question I reply.

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